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What do H2B Visa people do for the carnival?

Tom Tillis talks about the H2B Program and the fight to keep it alive. The H2B Visa Program has played an internal part in the continuation of the American Carnival. Suppling fun and entertainment for all ages the American Carnival is under attack. It is a seasonal job and it seems Americans have no interest in this type of part time job. The work takes them all over the country, traveling from town to town. Free room and board are offered with this job but still no interest.

Keep in mind that paying Americans more will only inflate the cost of fair entrance fees as well as the cost of the rides, food and games. The American fair goes will pay the ultimate price.

Carnival owners have tried to find a way to make it work by hiring foreign workers. The H2B program has been working but is now under attack and the politics in our government have gotten in the way.

Don't let the carnival industry go by the way side the same way the American circus has come to an end. Please contact your local senators and representatives to help support the H2B Visa program.


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